Vega Sambal zonder zout!


New sambal arrived, from the brand Oma Dee.

I Love to try new hot things, never enough sambal right?
This brand cought my eye, because they don’t use salt in there products.

I love salt, but I use it a lot and its not good for us, so I needed to try this.

Beside that they use local products and also peppers that didn’t make it to the market, because they are not pretty enough (why are we people like that 🙁 )

And everything is Vegan!

Good to know right, love this brand allready.
I didn’t taste everything, but the colors look lovely and smell good!

The Tempeh sambal I did try, and the taste is amazing! Even without the salt.

So I am a fan, are you?

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If you know hot sauce or anything I need to try, let me know! Love to try new things.

Till next time!
Love the Samballerie